Huaca de la Luna: New Excavations Open for Tourism (VIDEO)

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Peru Sorprendente gives us a glimpse at what makes Huaca de la Luna one of Peru’s best kept secrets.

We were all very excited by this year’s new excavations at Huaca de la Luna, a Moche religious center near the city of Trujillo on Peru’s north coast. As a brilliant article by our past contributor Nick Rosen explains, Huaca de la Luna is every bit as impressive as Machu Picchu; and it is very accessible.

La Republica reports that 10 graves were also found in the northern part of the temple. These may hold important clues to unraveling the significance of the site in Moche society. Besides the new findings, the enormous battlements and a wall decorated with 21 serpents remain to fuel our curiosity about the distinct cosmovision of the people that once lived there.

This video published by Peru Sorprendente gives us an up close look at the site that survived this years El Niño flooding (and countless generations of other natural disasters) without a scratch. Tourists are now able to experience the 3 newly excavated tombs in all their glory.

Have you been there? Let us know about your experience here at Living in Peru.

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  1. Que magnifico! We visited the Huaca de la Luna last year. It makes a great day trip from Trujillo. We booked a tour from the tourist office on the plaza in Trujillo. There are many steps to walk up to reach the site, but is eady to access to, like you said. I highly recommenf a visit to this site.