Immediate Payment of Civil Compensation Will Be Ensured in Odebrecht Case


The government presented a bill to the Congress to replace the Urgent Decree N° 003 that kept Odebrecht from selling its assets until assuring a payment for the civil compensation that expires the 13 of this month.

Claudia Cooper, Minister of Economy and Finances (MEF), indicated that the legislative initiative assures immediate payment of the civil repairs in favor of the State for the companies linked to corruption cases, explained El Peruano.

She also saud that this project comprises three types of companies: the ones declared confessed or guilty; the consortiums or associated to these companies; and the ones under investigation.

Regarding the bill, Enrique Mendoza, Minister of Justice and Human Rights, said that “it is an example that shows that the State reacts and betters the tools that in the beginning were applied to an unknown situation to this date in the country. In which many construction companies have participated in irregular situations”, according to what El Peruano tells.

Mendoza added that the State has reacted correctly and bettered its way to deal with the situation. In this case, he hopes for Congress to submit the initiative to analysis to approve it as soon as possible since the Urgent Decree N° 003 is about to expire on the 13th.

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