Informant Says Hinostroza Arranged Drug-Traffickers Cases


An informant of the Public Prosecutor’s Office that contributed to the capture of a criminal organization in 2017 accused César Hinostroza and Walter Ríos of freeing drug traffickers, according to information cited by La República from Panorama yesterday.

“There is also a judge who was in the Second Criminal Chamber of Callao, with the surname Hinostroza, under glasses, I think he is now in the Supreme Court”, said the informant to the press.

He also said that Hinostroza was freeing people who paid him. “The lawyer paid him and there was another judge, his name was Walter Ríos who also gave freedom at his will”, he added.

The informant is a collaborator of the Public Ministry who is part of the investigations against the criminal organization “Los Reyes del Puerto Shejo”, dedicated to the export of cocaine from the port of Callao and that was captured in June of last year.

According to him, these authorities (Hinostroza and Ríos) helped drug traffickers to evade justice, as revealed yesterday by the program journalistic Panorama.

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