Japan Restaurant Week


If all you think about when you think Japanese food is sushi or raw fish, the first edition of the Japan Restaurant Week will surprise most pallets. This new festival is the first to be dedicated to our national foods and the cousin from the land of the rising sun.

This first edition arrives in Lima with some of the top Japanese restaurants like “Hosso”:http://www.peruthisweek.com/food-restaurant-review-hosso-sushi-bar-cebiches-109164, Makoto, Sushi Ito, Matsuei, “Tzuru”:http://www.peruthisweek.com/food-restaurant-review-tzuru-107022, Oishii, “KO”:http://www.peruthisweek.com/food-ko-asian-kitchen-is-knockout-105114 and Sushi Cage, will offer three types of menus, including: entrance, and dessert , at a price of S/ 59 per person for lunch and dinner.

Japan Restaurant Week goes beyond traditional makis, visitors will find options based on ingredients of fish, meat, pork, octopus, marinated oriental willow style, and can taste in dishes like Salmon Teriyaki, Ceviche Nikkei, Yakimeshi BBQ, karage Tacu Tacu, Kushiyaki salmon belly, among Others.

The event will take place from August 18 till the 28th, people can begin making their reservations in the participating resturants through the website “Atrápalo.pe”:https://www.atrapalo.pe/ starting Tuesday 16th.

Japan Restaurant Week is an event that has being held in Spain since 2013, it shares the same characteristics with one in Peru, but this time the best Japanese restaurants will participate exclusively.