Keiko’s Contributor: “I Didn’t See The Money, I Just Signed”


The alleged contributor of Keiko Fujimori, Patrizia Coppero, denied that she had delivered the money declared by Fuerza Popular to her name.

Currently in hiding, as a fugitive from justice, she claimed that she had only signed receipts at the request of her then-husband, Giancarlo Bertini, but that she never saw money transferred.

“I thought that the contributions they made me sign were money from us, from the family patrimony, and I did it with pleasure at that moment to contribute to the campaign so that Humala didn’t leave (…) I had no idea that what came from another source that was not ours,” she told the TV show Cuarto Poder, according to La República.

“I didn’t see the money, I only saw the vouchers,” explained Coppero.

According to her, Bertini brought her the receipts and did not pay much attention to the figures reflected in them. “He (Bertini) told me that, maximum, there were going to be around $30 thousand US dollars that we were going to donate,” she told the media.

The political party Fuerza 2011, today Fuerza Popular, told the ONPE (National Office of Electoral Processes) that Coppero gave 79,656 soles and Bertini 171,575 soles to the campaign. In addition, Daniel Mellado, who worked as a messenger for Bertini and Coppero, would have made 86 deposits for $458 thousand 73 dollars, according to inquiries from prosecutor José Domingo Pérez.

Giancarlo Bertini is the son of Eugenio Bertini, former director of Banco Wiese which he coordinated alongside with Vladimiro Montesinos in the nineties, as recorded on video.

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