Kenji Fujimori is Expelled from his Political Party


Kenji Fujimori, the youngest son of Ex-President Alberto Fujimori, said that he has expelled from the opposition party Fuerza Popular, for clashing with its leader, his sister Keiko.

He published on Tuesday on the party’s Twitter account that the decision to expel him was unanimous.

Fuerza Popular had begun proceedings on Kenji after his critics on his sister’s position on President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) in December. He also “led a group of rebellious lawmakers from the Popular Will (Fuerza Popular) party who blocked a legislative push by the party (…) to remove Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski for alleged corruption linked to Brazilian construction company Odebrecht”, says ABC News.

Two days later, PPK gave a presidential pardon to Kenji’s father, Alberto Fujimori, in “what many see as a closed-door political deal”, according to ABC News.

This expulsion from the party is the biggest sign of discord between the Fujimori siblings. They have not made any public comments on this matter at this point.

The elder Fujimori was serving a 25-year sentence for human right violations. Yesterday, many protested against this measure, which several politics consider being illegal.

On two occasions the Ministry of Justice in Peru has denied access to the file concerning the Ex-President’s pardon. It will allow, according to Peru’s ombudsman Walter Gutiérrez, an evaluation of the resolution that led to the decision to pardon Fujimori, within the legal parameters and jurisprudential standards.

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