Latam Reaches Agreements With Pilot Unions In Peru And Chile


Latam Airlines posted a profit of $94 million US dollars for this year’s first trimester.

Latam Airlines reached an agreement with the pilot unions of Peru and Chile, after having closed the negotiations at the end of April and mid-May, respectively, wrote América Economía on Sunday.

According to information from this media, “the agreements with the trade union of Peru took place on April 27, while that of the Chilean branch closed on May 9”. They add that the client’s vice-president of Latam, Claudia Sender, said that these agreements contribute to reasonable improvements to the working conditions.

“In this way, the largest airline in Latin America leaves behind what happened with the Cabin Crew Union in Chile, whose negotiation was extensive and generated a strike of several weeks that affected the operations of the month of April”, América Economía said.

Latam Airlines is based in Santiago de Chile and posted a profit of $94 million US dollars for this year’s first trimester. They reported that this translates into a growth of revenue of 10.2%.

The company also indicated last week that domestic transport in the Spanish-speaking countries where it operates – Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru – contracted 9.6% in the fourth month of the year.

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