Mercedes Araóz: “We Welcome Investments in Peru, But Not Briberies”


In her intervention in the World Economic Forum, the President of the Ministerial Council of Peru said that a systemic corruption is debilitating Latin America.

Peru is currently a very attractive economical market, and this is the perfect opportunity to attract sustainable investments that will help develop the economic, social and ethical aspects of the society.

These are the words of the President of the Ministerial Council, Mercedes Aráoz to El Peruano. She is currently participating in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Aráoz commented that Peru is welcoming new investments from all over the world but facing the problem of inequality in the areas where the investments will take place.

During her intervention in the forum, she recognized that the systemic corruption is debilitating governments in Latin America, and she asked to fight against this collectively. According to her, this will allow people to focus on the real problems in the society.

The President of the Ministerial Council also referred to the Odebrecht case. “It has infected all of Latin America”, she said to El Peruano. “They [Odebrecht] are debilitating our democracies because we only see political individuals involved”, she added.

“Of course we want investors to come to Peru,” Aráoz said, “but please, not briberies”. She also considers that to overcome this the politicians and the private sector have to work as a team aiming for the same direction.

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