Pope Francis’ Accommodation During His Visit (VIDEO)


Little is left for the arrival of Pope Francis in Peru. The Holy Father will arrive on January 18 and will stay in Peru until the 21st of the same month.

During his visit to Peru, the Pope will visit the cities of Lima, Trujillo and Madre Dios; nevertheless, it has been announced that the pontiff will sleep all 3 nights in the capital. For this reason, the Apostolic Nunciature – located in Jesús María – has been adapted for his arrival. The place is cozy and simple at the same time.

By request of the Vatican, this house has been modified to eliminate all the steps and unevennesses of the floor that it had originally when it was built in 1940, in order to avoid possible falls. The house has a library and a balcony located on Salaverry Avenue from where the Pope is expected to come out to greet and bless all Peruvians that come to this place.

In addition, a special prayer room for the Pope has been set aside since he has confessed his devotion to Peruvian saints along with private space for the Papal Guard.

The headquarters of the Nunciature was specially illuminated to give an adequate feeling of joy and beauty to the visit of the Supreme Pontiff. A system of LED lights is used for this purpose, which implies that the consumption of electric power will not be that high.

Do you think this is a good place for the Pope to sleep in Peru?

(Source: Youtube)
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