More Than 1,000 HIV Cases Detected In Lima


Last Sunday the Ministry of Health promoted a campaign for the detection of the HIV Virus. In 2017, more than 1,000 people resulted positive in the city of Lima.

El Comercio also published information about this virus in Peru, saying that there are 72,000 people who have HIV in the country and about 22% of them do not know it.

“Last year alone in Lima, 1,471 new cases were reported. This represents 51% less compared to 2016 when 3,011 were reported. It is the lowest figure in the last five years”, said the media.

As for all of Peru, last year 4,257 cases were detected, while in the previous year they were 6,549.

A screening campaign performed in the context of “National Day of HIV Testing” in eleven points in Lima. People could get an exam done, and receive informative talks and counseling.

“There is fear, shame and in many cases discrimination, but we must go without fear because the important thing is to know the diagnosis in time,” Elsa Byelca Huamán, a public health specialist at Minsa, told El Comercio.

About 5,000 screening tests were done throughout the day and the cases that were positive were referred to Minsa health facilities to receive antiretroviral treatment.

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