More Than 5 Million Peruvians Do Online Shopping


Today, more than 5 million Peruvians buy products online, and six out of every 10 do it from their smartphones.

According to Úrsula Rodríguez, ad sales manager of OLX Peru, 60% of the online shoppers are men, and 40% are women. “They are all between 18 and 34 years old”, she said to Gestión.

In addition, it was known that the buyer’s favorite section in OLX is Technology. “What is sold on the internet are technological products such as smartphones, laptops, video games. These have a greater number of transactions,” she said.

In the Technology section, smartphones are the most sought-after items. From the 15 million visits the website received during the first half of 2018, 60% of them were for smartphone searches.

Rodríguez also mentioned that Peruvians buy according to the price they find online, they do not look at brands, but at the discount generated by buying that product. “In Peru, we look for promotions a lot. In fact, the products online have much lower prices than those of a physical store”, she explained.

(Cover Photo Pixabay)

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