New iPhone Promotional Video Was Shot In Peru


This week Apple released the promotional video of the new iPhone and Peru’s Huacachina lagoon and adventure sports practiced in the country can be appreciated.

“The Huacachina lagoon is appreciated and the adventure sports that are practiced in the dunes of the Ica region, positions Peru as a location destination to film this type of productions of global reach, as well as series or films”, said Marisol Acosta, director of Tourism of the state agency Promperu, according to El Comercio.

According to Acosta, the initiative of the US multinational is a response to the work being done by the government and the private sector to promote and diversify tourist destinations in Peru.

“Events such as the Dakar Rally and the Marathon des Sables have put the geography and tourist attractions of the country into a showcase, particularly those located in the Ica region,” said the director of Promperu.

El Comercio reminds us that Apple is not the first company to use tourist destinations in Peru to promote their products. “Last year, the South Korean company Samsung broadcasted an advertising campaign for its Galaxy S8 smartphone, showing streets in Cusco and Lima”, they informed.

For Carlos Canales, president of the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur), Apple’s spot has a very special meaning for Peru because it shows the world an almost unknown destination for foreign travelers: the desert of Peru and the only oasis of South America, the Huacachina.

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