Reach Is The Social Network That Can Help You Avoid Been Robbed In The Street


Moisés Salazar, a Peruvian developer, has created a free app called Reach that will help you know if an area is secure or not so that you can prevent from being robbed.

The app will hold information about incidents that occur on the street and people can learn about them on their cell phone or from a computer.

“Reach is interesting and useful wherever you look at it because it feeds on reports made by the users themselves”, explained Gabriela Machuca Castillo in an article published in El Comercio.

The app recognizes your phone’s location using GPS and you will see a map that shows where you are currently at. Then, the user will be able to see icons that identify incidents that have been previously reported by other people that use Reach.

In addition, the number of reports in the same point gives inputs to the user to make a decision about whether to change the route or not.

Also, the incidents considered by the social network are not restricted only to theft. It can also report missing persons, suspicious objects, homicide, sale or consumption of drugs, public order, loud sounds, human security (harassment or sexual outrage), among others.

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