New Peruvian Justice Minister Needs To Deal With The Corruption Scandal


Last Saturday, lawyer Vicente Zeballos took office as Peru’s new Justice Minister, in the midst of a scandal over judges allegedly selling lighter sentences for a price.

“The previous Justice Minister, Salvador Heresi, resigned last week after investigative website IDL-Reporteros in Peru published more than 20 tapes, on some of which Heresi and different judges appear to discuss arranging lenient treatment in exchange for cash or favors”, you can read in Journal Du Cameroun.

The corruption scandals sparked several street protests and prompted President Martín Vizcarra to promise immediate judicial reforms. This is something Zeballos will have to tackle right away.

Prime Minister César Villanueva told Radio RPP that Zeballos had the legal and political experience to lead the Justice Ministry and ‘help a lot with reform’”, the aforementioned media explained.

In December, Zeballos resigned from the PPK political alliance to protest against the decision of the then-President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski to pardon former president Alberto Fujimori on corruption charges.

The justice scandal in Peru has already led to the resignation of the president of the Supreme Court and of the Supreme Court minister, as well as the suspension of the president of the National Office of Electoral Processes, Judge César Hinostroza Pariachi, and the vacancy procedure of the director Iván Noguera.

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