New Promotional Video For The U17 FIFA World Cup


The Peruvian Soccer Federation (FPF) shared through their social media a new promotional video for the U17 World Cup that will take place next year in Peru.

This event will occur in 2019 from October 5 to 27 and the country’s hinchas are having a blast.

“We Peruvians have been summoned to organize the best World Cup in history, Peru 2019”, you can hear the narrator say in the video. “Let’s demonstrate together that Peru is a welcoming, tasty, modern, magical country”, they go on.

You can also enjoy from the video fans wearing the national team’s shirt with the red and white traditional colors, as well as shots of the National Stadium.

In social media, fans are already guessing on which will be the possible stadiums that will be used for the cup, which will be announced later on by the FPF.

This will be the second time that Peru hosts the U17 World Cup, after having organized it in 2005.

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