New Superfood From Peru: Lucuma


Lucuma is a fruit that grows at altitudes of about 9,000 feet and it has slowly gained attention in The United States as the latest nutritional powerhouse as a superfood.

“While it resembles a large, round, orange-fleshed avocado, lucuma has a pronounced caramel taste”, Bloomberg explains, adding that it is almost impossible to find it fresh outside South America since it starts to spoil soon after picking.

According to Bloomberg, the Incas used this fruit for enhancing fertility. Today it is available as a powder or frozen at health-food stores in The USA, as well as Walmart.

Lucuma is high in beta-carotene, iron, zinc, calcium, protein, and fiber, as well as antioxidants and potassium, which are said to be good for the heart, immune system, and skin.

In Peru, lucuma is known as the ‘gold of the Incas’ and also the ‘egg fruit’, as it has the crumbly texture and starchy mouthfeel of a hard-boiled egg yolk”, you can read in Bloomberg.

The product in its powdered form is often offered as a sweetener because when mixed with foods, such as yogurt or milk, it has a maple flavor.

In Lima, one of the best places to experience lucuma is at the trendy Armónica Café in the Miraflores district, said Bloomberg. You can have here this fruit as a breakfast smoothie served in a bowl with bananas and vegetable milk, and also in pie and ice cream.

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