Only 13% Of Peruvians Are Willing To Donate Their Organs


In Peru, every day, between one and two people die while waiting for an organ transplant that never arrives, and the reason is that only 13% of Peruvians are willing to donate their organs.

“Official numbers say that less than two Peruvians per million come to donate an organ. One of the lowest rates in Latin America, only above Bolivia and far from Uruguay, which leads the list with twenty donors per million”, said El Comercio.

The waiting list in Peru for an organ or tissue has 6,400 people. However, the Ministry of Health (MINSA) recognizes that outside the official registry, the total universe of cases would greatly exceed this number, according to information from El Comercio.

On the other hand, the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) details that of the 23,257,900 Peruvians of age, only 13% said to be willing to donate their organs.

The lack of information is one of the biggest obstacles to combat prejudices and myths. Luz Meza Vargas, head of the General Directorate of Donations, Transplants and Blood Bank of Minsa, explained that the protocol is activated once the brain death of a person is certified and family consent is obtained.

It is important that people become more informed and that they talk as a family so that they respect the decision, even at the most painful moment. To donate is to give life, in the best of cases for each donor, ten people can be saved”, she said.

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