Organ Donations Multiply in Peru


The Health Ministry (Minsa) revealed encouraging numbers that show that organ donations have increased in Peru. More and more every time there are people that manifest their desire to donate their organs in order to save other lives.

In January, Perú 21 says, a total of 16 kidney transplants took place, which means that the number of registered surgeries like these quadrupled, compared to January 2017.

Liver and heart transplants also increased, in this case, they tripled and doubled, respectively, in comparison to this exact period last year.

“In total, there have been performed 38 surgical interventions, which makes you guess that this year will overcome the 238 from 2017”, Perú 21 explains.

In Peru, there are 5,859 people in the donation waiting lists of Minsa hospitals, Essalud, and the Institute of Organ and Tissue Transplantation of the Armed and Police Forces. Most of these patients require cornea transplants (4,944 people), followed by kidney transplant (877 people), liver (31), heart (5), pancreas (1), and lung (1).

The Health Ministry in Peru attributes this desire to donate organs to awareness campaigns that have taken place in the country.

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