Peru Evaluates Revoking Operation Permit to Chilean LAW Airlines


The Chilean airline LAW is at risk of losing its operating permit in Peru due to several incidents related to flight cancellations, said La Tercera on Thursday.

The airline, directed by José Manuel Rebolledo and Andrés Dulcinelli could be at risk because the route Santiago de Chile – Lima represents 56.7% of all of their passengers that travel internationally.

LAW started its operations at the beginning of 2017 and it was hoping to become one of the top 10 operators in South America, explained La Tercera.

This evaluation “was announced by the Director General of Civil Aeronautics of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (…), Juan Carlos Pavic, who reported that, due to the constant incidents registered in Peru, they are evaluating the continuity or revocation of operating permits and of the LAW route”, wrote La Tercera regarding this situation.

The incident that finally caused the Peruvian authorities to get involved in this matter took place on February 20 when many passengers were stranded in the Jorge Chávez airport due to LAW flight cancellation.

The Chilean airline explained that the company is in the process of adjusting their flight itineraries because of previous contingencies, which has generated a reprogramming of their routes to Lima.

“Added to this, the Indecopi (Direction of the National Consumer Protection Authority of Peru) reported other cases and estimated about 2,000 passengers affected by cancellations and reprogramming of flights by LAW, between February 11 and 20.”, said La Tercera.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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