Peru Expects To Duplicate Exportations In Three Years


Peruvian exports will double in the next three years to around 88 billion dollars, said the president of the Association of Exporters of Peru (ADEX), Juan Varilias.

According to the manager of this business association, the growth rate of Peruvian shipments during the first quarter of 2018 reflects a trend that could double exports in 2017 (44,058 million dollars) at the end of 2021, wrote Xinhua News.

“We need to sustain the rate of the first quarter (15.5 percent) over time so that the sector continues to contribute to economic growth,” said the president of ADEX when assessing the exports of this country.

This commercial activity contributes directly to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the creation of employment, according to Varilias.

The president of ADEX also mentioned that during the first quarter of this year the manufacturing activity in general in Peru registered a positive behavior, of which the chemical subsector reported the best performance with $374.5 million US dollars.

Xinhua also informs that the main destinations for exports of Peruvian products are China, the United States, Chile, South Korea, India, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and Germany, among others.

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