Peru Will Offer Free Extraordinary Working Permit For Venezuelan Immigrants


Immigrants coming from Venezuela who wish to formulate or are already in process of applying for the Temporary Residence Permit (PTP) can obtain a free extraordinary provisional work permit in Peru.

“This was approved on Saturday, May 12 by the Superintendence of Migration, according to the official newspaper El Peruano”, you can read in CNN.

The “Acta de Permiso de Trabajo Extraordinario – Provisional”, or “Extraordinary – Provisional Work Permit Act” in English, will enter into force on May 21 and will enable Venezuelans who benefit from it to perform income-generating activities in a subordinate or independent manner, for up to sixty calendar days.

This period may be extended automatically until the procedure for the PTP in completed.

Venezuelans that are interested in obtaining the permit may apply on the website www.migraciones.gob.pe and fill out a form.

According to a report of the Migration Superintendence of March 2018, there are about 280,000 Venezuelans in Peruvian territory, as you can read in CNN. Since the beginning of May, the daily entrance of Venezuelans through the border of Tumbes was surpassing 2,200 to 2,300 daily incomes, reaching 3,000 daily incomes, they also informed.

“The person in charge of Migrations of Peru also said that, in spite of the increase of the entrance of Venezuelans in the country, the number of migrants who left by the South border towards Chile or Argentina was also growing, according to the report of Andina”, you can read in CNN.

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