Peru, Paraguay And Chile Will Be The Star Economies Of 2018 And 2019


By 2019, the largest growth in the region is projected to the economy of Paraguay with 4.3%, followed by Peru (3.9%) and Chile (3.7%), according to the latest report from BBVA Research.

The Latin American economy will grow 0.9% on average this year due to weak performances from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay, said Gestión yesterday.

“We anticipate a growth of 0.9%, which is a downward revision compared to what we had 3 months ago, but in reality what these predictions show is a stronger heterogeneity in Latin America,” said BBVA Research’s chief economist for South America, Juan Ruiz.

As for Argentina, a “significant” recession is expected for this year, with a fall of 2.4% that will have a “slight” recovery in the first quarter of 2019, Gestión explained.

“For 2019, the highest growth in the region is projected for the Paraguayan economy, with 4.3%, followed by Peru (3.9%) and Chile (3.5%)”, they wrote, adding that the projected inflation in the case of Paraguay is 4.2%. Below is Colombia (3.3%), Chile (2.9%) and Peru (2.3%).

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