Peru Seeks To Increase Trade With The US West Coast


The commercial advisor of the Commercial Office of Peru in Los Angeles (OCEX Los Angeles), Ricardo Romero, said that venturing into the market of the states of the west coast of the United States represents a great opportunity for Peruvian businessmen.

“The OCEX Los Angeles covers the states of California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Alaska”, said El Comercio.

Romero said that in the western region of the US territory there are business operations centers, where influential investors are established in those industries that are of interest to Peru. He also explained that mining and energy companies can be identified in the states of California, Utah, Montana, Arizona, Colorado, among others.

In the food sector, there are large groups in California, Oregon and Washington. Specifically, in agriculture, California is positioned as the first agricultural center in the country, with large operators and investors in international projects such as Mission, which already operates in Peru.

As for infrastructure, the West Coast has 11 of the 20 largest engineering and construction companies in the United States.

Finally, Romero highlighted the case of Silicon Valley, where computer and technological giants operate like Google, Oracle, Apple, HP, Intel, among many other companies of this level.

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