Peru Will Join China’s Silk Road Initiative


Hundreds of Latin American companies and delegations of presidents and ministers participated recently in the China Imports Expo in search of business opportunities.

After the inauguration on Monday by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the 3,000 participating companies from 130 countries began their business activity, said Gestión.

“With a growing middle class and more purchasing power, China needs products from abroad to meet domestic demand and Latin America, which mainly exports raw materials and agricultural products, wants to have more and more weight in the Chinese’s shopping cart”, the aforementioned media said.

“We are 3 million people but we produce food for 30 million and we can do it for up to 50 million, as long as we can develop a new technology,” said Minister Nin, who heads the Uruguayan delegation.

The South American country, he recalled, was the first of Mercosur to join the Chinese initiative of the “New Silk Roads” with which Beijing supports the construction of transport and communications infrastructures to connect Asia with Africa, Europe and Latin America and establish a great platform of economic cooperation.

More than 70 countries in the world have joined it, including other Latin American countries such as Chile, Panama, Bolivia, Venezuela, Antigua and Barbuda, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana.

Peru plans to do so soon, according to the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Rogers Valencia, who heads a trade mission consisting of 15 business groups with a clear mission to encourage “non-traditional exports” and achieve a value of $1,000 US dollars in the coming years.

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