Peru Will Receive Information From Software Where Odebrecht Registered Bribes


The Prosecutor’s Office in Peru accepted the commitments required by Brazil to deliver the information contained in the computer systems used by the Odebrecht company to register its illicit activities, informed yesterday the prosecutor in charge of this case, Hamilton Castro, according to information from Andina News Agency.

“The computer systems are called My Web Day and Drousys. Both were employed by the Department of Structured Operations of Odebrecht or the so-called ‘Caja 2’ (“Petty Cash 2”) in Switzerland, where the parallel accounts of the illicit activities of the Brazilian construction company were kept”, the news agency said.

Among the requirements made by the Brazilian authorities, is the commitment that this information only is used for fiscal investigations, and not for political use or institutions.

The information found on “Caja 2” that Peru will receive is the same that was requested by the Prosecutor’s Office to the Swiss authorities in December of 2016, which is still pending response.

Hamilton Castro, coordinator of the special team in charge of investigating the Lava Jato case, said that the support of the Brazilian Prosecutor General’s Office was obtained thanks to the efforts made by the prosecutor of the Nation, Pablo Sánchez, before the Attorney General of Brazil, Raquel Dodge, in bilateral meetings held in Paraguay to expedite requests for international judicial assistance.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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