Peru Will Strengthen its Natural Disaster Prevention


The platforms Geoservidor and Geobosques will allow the gathering of relevant information of the environment and forests.

The Ministry of the Environment (Minam) presented during the 7th Gore-Executive the Geoservidor and Geobosques platforms to gather information on the environmental situation of the territory, natural resources, as well as changes in forests, informed El Peruano.

Elsa Galarza, director of Minam, presented these tools to the regional governors during this meeting. She indicated that they have been renewed and strengthened with more detailed information and data for the authorities and interested people to access in an easier way.

“For the citizens, both tools are also very valuable because they provide environmental information from which they can track aspects related to how their locality is doing, and promote its conservation”, Galarza told El Peruano.

Also, people who use these tools will be able to alert their authorities and motivate them to take action in relation to possible unsafe areas in the case of the occurrence of natural disasters or deforestation, the director of Minam added.

“The Geoservidor is a technological platform specialized in territorial environmental information, based on studies and investigations of the different environmental conditions of the territory and of the ecosystems”, explained El Peruano.

On the other hand, the Geobosques platform provides annual information on forests and if there is any deforestation. It provides also the deforestation early warning service, through which each regional government can know, every seven days, the changes that occur in the forests and take the corresponding preventive and corrective measures.

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