Peru’s Challenges for 2018


Well, 2017 has been a tumultuous year for our country, to say the least. A series of events have taken place and have kept us on our edge of our seats.

From severe natural disasters to political and social uproars, scandals of corruption, ex-presidents being incarcerated and others waiting on extradition proceedings, what is there to make of this as we look forward in 2018?

Unfortunately, in my opinion it has been a difficult year for most people. The worst thing to witness has been the complete lack of leadership of our President, and some might argue that the congress didn’t support him and that he was outnumbered by resistance. Nevertheless, the message he sent to the country was of uncertainty. I had confidence in this man. But as they say, easier said than done.

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Now let’s stop complaining and let’s look at the bright side. Economically the latest forecast reports from experts is that Peru’s GDP will grow 3.9% in 2018. Also, it is good news that the prices of minerals have increased since we depend on this sector heavily. On the other hand, I’m very disappointed and shocked as well that it has been a year since the severe mudslides hit the northern part of Peru and the rebuilding with dignity speech, is still being talked about. I wonder how do other countries rebuild so quickly, within months? It wasn’t because we lacked on funding, it was the absence of leadership, planning, and strategy.

I wonder when the red tape will end in our country. The worst part about it is that the forecast as far as weather for this year is not looking very promising. The La Nina current might cause major damage once again on our territory causing havoc and destruction. As far as I know, I have not heard of any plans of contingency or even prevention. What will it take for us to learn from past mistakes? I have no clue.

Sometimes I feel that my country just lives day by day.

The Pope’s visit is also something that is very amazing for our country. We are a country of faith and hope, we will be somehow renewed and inspired by his Sanctity’s visit. Also, I guess it remains to be seen what’s going to happen when Barata gets to Lima and sings like a bird about

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all the Odebrecht wheeling and dealing activities. We may see more notorious political players being incarcerated. I honestly hope that our new sworn in Ministers of the Reconciliation Cabinet as they have been called, step up to the plate and really get to work to overcome the many issues, such as education, medical services and most importantly safety on the streets.

On another happy note, the fact that Peru will be participating in the 2018 Russia World Cup is something to look forward to. The month of June will be something to remember for many generations including mine, who have not seen Peru in a world cup for 35 years. The social phenomenon of soccer fever is really amazing. Maybe this will be a good reason to become integrated, to be united as a country. To develop our solidarity and empathic skills and who knows, we just might be the underdog causing the upset.



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Fernando Calle

Fernando Calle is a Peruvian-born, American citizen who has lived in the USA for over 25 years. He is a Cardiovascular Technologist and Sleep Disorder Specialist, having worked for Baptist Health Systems (Florida, USA) where he held the position as Chief Technologist of the Respiratory Disorders Department. After having worked for his own companies (Sleep Services of South Florida and Total Health Diagnostics, also in South Florida), he currently resides in Lima, Peru on a new quest as an English Teacher. Holds the ELT, FCE and ECPE (Cambridge-Michigan) international certificates. Also offers advanced English level courses for business, English Law, Technical English. Specialized in Medical English.