Peruvian Prosecutors Will Question Jorge Barata in Brazil Today


Prosecutors might ask questions related to president Pedro Pablo Kuczysnki.

Jorge Barata, ex-superintendent of Odebrecht in Peru, will testify today in Brazil to prosecutors Germán Juárez and José Domingo Pérez, who are also investigating former President Ollanta Humala Tasso and the leader of the Fuerza Popular party, Keiko Fujimori.

The news agency Andina said today that Barata is seeking to benefit from effective collaboration, and must corroborate the statements made by Marcelo Odebrecht (former CEO of Odebrecht) who pointed out that the Brazilian construction company had collaborated with the campaign of several political parties.

“In addition to Jorge Barata, prosecutor Germán Juárez will question Marco de Moura, former director of Brazilian construction firm Camargo Correa in Peru”, Andina added.

Even if this questioning is related to the investigations against Ollanta Humala Tasso and Keiko Fujimori, it is not ruled out that the prosecutors might ask questions related to current president Pedro Pablo Kuczysnki (PPK), as well as Alan García, who was mentioned by Marcelo Odebrecht in his statements to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Jorge Barata welcomed the effective collaboration with the Peruvian authorities, a process that should end soon. He has declared the alleged payments of bribes to former president Alejandro Toledo for the Interoceanic Highway; the former Vice Minister of Communications, Jorge Cuba, on Line 1 of the Lima Metro; the ex-governor of Cusco, Jorge Acurio; and the contributions to the Ollanta Humala campaign.

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