Peruvian Restaurant Named Best Latin American Restaurant In Shanghai


Chef Eduardo Vargas, owner of Colca, a restaurant located among the skyscrapers of the financial heart of one of China’s most cosmopolitan cities, Shanghai, received the title of Best Latin American Restaurant 2018, granted by “That’s Shanghai” magazine, through the vote of its readers.

According to El Peruano, Vargas arrived more than 20 years ago to the Asian continent to “experiment” with new culinary cultures and to make known the Peruvian cuisine in China.

“I have many reasons to be proud of being Peruvian, the food, culture, its people, music, are so many reasons and I am very happy that the food of my country is very welcome in China”, said Vargas, also known by his friends as King Midas of Gastronomy in the Asian continent.

In addition of Colca, Vargas has several other gastronomic projects in his hand. One of them is related to helping entrepreneurs of different nationalities launch themselves into the Chinese market with guarantees of success.

His incubator includes a range of resources, including a business plan, organizing a good menu, hiring good chefs or executing effective promotions, among other ideas according to the new trends, explained El Peruano.

Since his arrival in China in 2002, this chef has assembled or helped to assemble in Shanghai and Beijing a total of 27 restaurants under different concepts, such as Peruvian, Latin American, Mediterranean, Asian and other gastronomic mergers capable of delighting Chinese palates.

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