Prosecutors Raided Houses of Jaime Yoshiyama and Augusto Bedoya


The search intends to find relevant elements for the investigation against money laundering.

At 7:00 am, local time, today, agents of the Public Ministry conducted a raid on the homes of Jaime Yoshiyama, leader of Fuerza Popular, and Augusto Bedoya Cámere, former transport minister of Alberto Fujimori’s regime.

Gestión informed that according to El Comercio “the diligence is headed by the money laundering prosecutor, José Pérez Gómez, who is investigating Keiko Fujimori and the Fuerza Popular party for their contributions in the recent presidential campaigns.”

The search done at the homes of Yoshiyama and Bedoya, located in La Molina and San Isidro, is intended to find relevant elements for this investigation.

The prosecutors are looking for things such as money of significant value; documents that could certify the reception of money from Odebrecht or linked companies; books or records linked to the Fuerza Popular party (Fuerza 2011); among others.

The measure follows the declaration of Jorge Barata before Prosecutor Perez in Brazil last week.”, Gestión wrote.

According to Barata, the Brazilian construction, Odebrecht, company contributed with $1,200,000 US dollars to the presidential campaign of Keiko Fujimori in 2011. Allegedly $1,000,000 were delivered to Jaime Yoshiyama, general secretary of Fuerza 2011, and to the former minister Augusto Bedoya Cámere.

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