The Quirks of Living in Lima

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Getting into the swing of things: Life in Lima.

I’m starting to look around a bit more and trying to get into the swing of life here in Lima.  And like all new places; the quirks of life here.  A random few things I’ve noticed; ice cream carts about every 100 meters, and they will holler you with a duck call whistle. I haven’t had one yet, but soon (I did see the carts are right along the ocean edge only, smart business model.)

What are some of the things you’ve noticed? Please comment and share your quirks below!

Big signs saying you will be fined if your car alarm goes off, 202.50 soles (the local currency).  Nobody seems concerned – alarms going off as buses come down the street.  My naughty sister in law is now hip checking cars to see if they will go off!  So many alarms, I’ve been told the national anthem is car alarms!  And how does one enforce the car alarm ban?


What else have I noticed?

I’ve seen signs for not using your horn (though no fine is mentioned), the parks with all the grass is mowed by weed whackers (full employment?), we are buzzed in and out of our building – as in no key to get into our building, the doorman has to let us in and out!  And he writes down our name every time we come and go.

If I was paranoid I might be concerned! 

And not so much a quirk, but rather an interesting fact; only 12 mm of rain falls in Lima, that’s about 1/2 an inch, compared to 42 inches I see in my home state of Oregon.  I’m living in a desert right now.  Pretty strange considering all the ocean I see!

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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