Rogers Valencia Appointed As Minister Of Culture Will Help Promote Responsible Tourism


The National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur) highlighted the appointment of Rogers Valencia Espinoza as the new minister of Culture and welcomed the appointment of Edgar Vásquez as his successor in the position of minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism.

Carlos Canales, president of Canatur, said that the presence of Rogers Valencia at the head of the Ministry of Culture will be very positive since there will be a greater openness to the development of tourism activity in a responsible manner and preserving the cultural and natural heritage of Peru”, Canatur said in a press release.

Canales also considered that previous ministers of Culture have been very conservative regarding the protection of the tourist sector and therefore leaving these places at risk of deterioration.

“Who better than a tourism entrepreneur like Rogers Valencia to assume as minister of Culture”, said Canales in the press release. “He already has experience as a minister, is a promoter of sustainability, he was born in a place where everything is heritage such as Cusco and he has been president of the Regional Chamber of Tourism (Cartuc)”, he continued.

On the other hand, the president of Canatur welcomed the appointment of Edgar Vásquez Vela as the new minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism. He said he is an official with vast professional experience and has knowledge of the tourist activity because on many occasions he was commissioned by the vice-ministry of Tourism.

(Source: Press release)
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