The Mayor Of La Victoria And His Son Were Accused Of Leading Criminal Organization


In an operation of the National Police of Peru (PNP), along with the Prosecutor General’s Office, the current mayor of La Victoria, Elías Cuba Bautista, and his son Eliseo, were arrested for the crimes of corruption of officials, passive bribery, trafficking in influences and falsification of documents.

“Elías Cuba, alias ‘El Uno’, was arrested at his home”, informed La República. They indicate that he was also accused of being the leader of the band “The Untouchable Ediles”, in which his son also participated, along with other 22 officials, who were also arrested.

In addition to the mayor’s house, the police also intervened in the house of Eliseo Cuba, and this store, located next to his house.

According to the interior minister, Mauro Medina, Cuba Bautista was responsible for giving an appearance of legality to the illicit activities of his collaborators, composed, for the most part, by high officials and public servants of the Municipality of La Victoria.

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