The Most Intense Earthquakes So Far This Year In Peru


From January to November of this year, some 30 moderate intensity earthquakes have been registered in the country, the largest having taken place on January 14 with more than 700 people affected.

“Of all the earthquakes reported by the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP) to date, the largest was recorded on January 14 of this year in the district of Lomas, in the province of Caravelí, Arequipa”, said El Comercio.

This quake was of 7.1-magnitude and had a depth of 27 kilometers. One person lost his life due to the consequences of the tremor.

“Only in November, five earthquakes of moderate intensity, between 4.1 and 6.2 degrees, were recorded in Arequipa, Junín, Cusco and Tacna”, the aforementioned media said.

The last earthquake to have been recorded took place this Tuesday in Ancash and registered a magnitude of 5.7.

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