These Are Peru’s Companies With The Best Reputation


Merco presented the ranking of the 100 companies with the best business reputation in 2018 in an award ceremony held at the ESAN University facilities.

Although this year there are 9 companies that have stopped being on the list, there are others that continue to be in the top, said Gestión.

The first place is occupied by Banco de Crédito del Peru, followed by Interbank and Backus AB Inbev, the first one repeating in this position.

As for best business leaders, Carlos Rodríguez Pastor of Interbank ranked first. He is joined by Dionisio Romero from Banco de Crédito del Peru and Roque Benavides from the Buenaventura Mining Company in third place.

“In the case of the reputation of companies through digital channels, Miguel Solano says that it is about measuring the communication that organizations have through these platforms”, Gestión explained. “In addition, we also analyze the attitude of users and their reactions to the company,” he added.

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