Trade Deal Australia-Peru Signed Today


A new trade deal between Australia and Peru will include beef, sugar, almonds, and dairy as new products from this country to be sold in the Inca region.

It is expected that this pact will be signed today, announced Australia’s Trade Minister, Steve Ciobo, says The Courier.

Ciobo also believes that this trade deal will also bring Australian farmers preferential access “to the fast-growing Peruvian economy for the first time”, wrote The Courier, who also explained that supermarkets in Peru have been asking for a while for Aussie beef.

The deal will also come with benefits in education, such as the recognition of Australian degrees in several professions in Peru.

“The deal is also good news for services exports, especially education with Peru agreeing to recognize Australian degrees”, wrote The Courier.

The Australian Trade Minister considers that Australia’s service providers will be now perfectly placed to meet the demand for new services that will be needed because of Peru’s economic growth. “As Peru’s economy grows, so will their need for services,” Ciobo said and added that the Land Down Under has secured the best services commitments that Peru has offered so far.

(Cover Photo Pixabay)

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