Traveling And Living In Peru Director Is Recognized For His Contribution To Peruvian Society


Our director, Carsten Michael Korch, was recognized, alongside other personalities, for his contribution to the Peruvian society in the Main Chamber of the Congress of the Republic.

“Recognizing the work of Peruvian artists is not only an act of gratitude but of justice and dignity. It is his contribution in favor of art and culture in our country that motivated me to make this tribute, all that these people have done for their country and Peruvians in general,” said Francesco Petrozzi, Peruvian legislator.

He delivered the Congress Medal of Honor also to the National Symphony Orchestra, on the occasion of its 80th anniversary of foundation and outstanding trajectory in favor of Peruvian art and culture.

“The ceremony took place in the Main Chamber of the Congress of the Republic, in which the director and film producer, Augusto Tamayo San Román, was also recognized for his important career”, said Expreso.

Other personalities recognized for their contribution to Peruvian society were Dr. Ricardo Enrique Pun Chong, Joaquín Felipe Leguía Orezzoli, Rubén Enrique Correa Laimes, Germán Alberto Loli Narváez “Vito Loli”, Óscar Ernesto Barriga Bernedo and Carsten Michael Korch, director of Traveling and Living in Peru.

(Cover Photo: Carsten Korch)

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