What Do You Need To Study Music In Peru?


Passion, perseverance, and discipline are some of the requirements that are required of applicants who seek to professionalize their talent at the National University of Music (UNM).

The Andina News Agency wrote about what you need if you wish to become a professional musician in Peru. According to them, there is a test used to access one of the 139 vacancies offered in the 25 careers of this university.

“This institution, which is in the process of adapting to its licensing before Sunedu, has three teaching areas, one of which is Musical Interpretation that brings together 22 careers of symphonic orchestral instruments such as strings, winds, wood, metal and percussion”, Andina explained.

Other careers related to music are Creation and Musical Research, and Music Education.

Everyone who is interested must have some previous musical knowledge. This is why preparatory sections are offered, starting in the month of March: a school for children under 9 to 17 years and another for people of 18 to 25 years.

One of the teachers explained that talent, discipline, perseverance, musical ear and dedication are absolutely necessary to study music because, when a person gives his art, he shows himself”, according to Andina.

As for the opportunity to find a job after graduating, the director of this institute, Carmen Escobedo, believes that the music professionals always find work, whether in Peru or abroad.

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