Unused Internet Megabytes Could Accumulate for the Following Months


The measure could harm the consumers if telephone companies decide to reduce the number of Megabytes they offer in their plans.

The congressman Daniel Salaverry from Fuerza Popular presented the project called “Ley de acumulación justa de minutos y megas”, related to the usage of Megabytes for internet navigation from cell phones.

This legislative initiative requires telecommunications companies to accumulate the Megabytes, minutes for calling, and text messages, if they have not been used in full in a given month, according to the contracted plan, Gestión explained.

The idea is to accumulate the unused balance to be used in the following months, without restrictions, the bill says. It was also signed by other six members of the Fuerza Popular party.

“Likewise, the proposal indicates that Osiptel will be the entity in charge of regulating the procedure to apply the proposed law”, wrote Gestión.

In this regard, the president of Aspec, Crisólogo Cáceres, welcomed the proposal because it says that it will give justice to the payment made by consumers. Nevertheless, the expert in telecommunications, Carlos Huamán, said that a measure of this kind could force the phone companies to reduce the number of Megabytes for navigation they include in their plans, and therefore cause harm to the consumer.

“Then, to avoid saturation of the networks, companies would offer plans with lower capacity, which affects the user,” said Huamán, general director of DN Consultores to Gestión. He also thinks that unlimited plans could seize to exist as well.

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