Uruguayans Celebrate Peru’s Chance to Qualify for World Cup Russia 2018 (VIDEO)

(Photo: Facebook Open Domain)

Through the loudspeakers of the stadium, it was informed that Peru achieved the fifth position by tying with Colombia and Uruguayan fans showed a lot of enthusiasm. 

After tying their match against Colombia, the Peruvian team is in the fifth position of the table which means they still have one last chance to qualify for the World Cup Russia 2018 by winning a couple of matches against New Zealand, something that was celebrated by millions of compatriots who lived with despair, nerves, and anxiety during the duel against the Colombians.

This fifth place achieved by the Peruvian team not only caused joy in Peruvian lands, which we already know are filled with enthusiasm and passion about the opportunity of seeing Peru in another World Cup but also abroad, especially in Montevideo.

In fact, an audio that is circulating in social networks shows how the Charrúas fans reacted at the Centenario stadium when learning that Peru got into the playoffs.

The celebration of the Charrúas is not only for how they feel identified with Peruvian soccer but also for the rivalry that they have maintained with Chile for some years. They do not forget the ridicule that was unleashed in Chile for eliminating them in the quarterfinals of Copa America 2015, with the controversial aggression of Gonzalo Jara to Edinson Cavanni.

Were you happy to see Uruguay qualify for the World Cup? What about Argentina?



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