Vizcarra Affirms That Peru Will Grow More Than 4% This Year


President Vizcarra said during the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations that Peru registers an economic growth of more than 4% this year.

“We guarantee to grow over 4% and, by the year 2021, to have grown above 5%,” said the head of state during a meeting yesterday with the leaders of the Pacific Alliance.

Nevertheless, according to La República, Vizcarra warned that such growth rates will only be taken advantage of if there are solid institutions, something that the country currently suffers from. “For that reason, he added, his government has promoted a political and judicial reform through four projects that, to date, are being debated in Congress”, the media explained.

The President also explained the referendum through which Peruvians will have to demonstrate in favor or against the four constitutional reform projects. He added that it will be held on Sunday, December 9, the same day in which the second round of the regional elections takes place.

Vizcarra said that the reform proposals that the Executive Power has put in consideration of the Legislative have the support of everyone in Peru, both from the political and business sector, which agree that investments need stability and serious institutions”, La República said.

He also commented that he hopes that in the next few years Peru will maintain the level of growth the country has committed itself to, and with reliability in the system it will receive more investments.

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