Volunteer Firefighters in Peru Receive Generous Donation from Japan


Almost all of the firefighters in Peru are volunteers.

Japan donated 10 vehicles to Peru’s National Firefighting Group (INBP), which will be given to volunteer firefighters in the cities of Lima, Callao, and Madre de Dios, said the website Peru Reports.

“This donation was made possible by the Office of Support to the Spouse of the President of Peru, set up in 2016 and led by Peru’s first lady Nancy Lange to help social causes”, Peru Reports wrote. They also said that this office has helped organize training on how to use and maintain the vehicles by Japanese firefighters.

The ten vehicles consist of four small fire engines, four ambulances, a water tanker, and a first response truck. They were handed over in a ceremony in San Borja with Nancy Lange as a guest of honor.

Almost every firefighter in Peru is a volunteer and Peru Reports say that they risk their lives working without the proper equipment or help from the Government.

The Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Iwao Hori, told the news agency Andina that he hoped the vehicles would help prevent disasters, informed Per Reports.

Hori also expects that this act would deepen and strengthen the relationship between Peru and Japan.

Peru Reports says than this is not the first time the Asian country donates firefighting vehicles to Peru. “Japan first started donating firefighting vehicles in the 1980s, and the number of items donated has reached over 300.”, they informed.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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