Women In Peru Knit To Change Their Future


A group of entrepreneurial women from Ayacucho, Peru work for heir present and future by knitting all sorts of things, using their inherited knowledge.

“Reina Quispe, 32, has lived in La Oyada, a community on the outskirts of the city of Ayacucho, for 15 years. She is a gifted and audacious entrepreneur”, informed SOS Children’s Villages International.

She is part of the “Women knitting their present and future” entrepreneurship project SOS Children’s Villages leads in three communities in Ayacucho, which exists to meet the need of mothers of increasing their sources of income.

Since most mothers in this village can’t leave their homes to work, they are left with few options to generate an income.

“This project allows the women to generate income from home,” says SOS social worker Sandra Roca. “They can knit, generate income with their art at home and raise their children,” as you can read in the aforementioned website.

Knitting is passed down from generation to generation in Ayacucho, which helped Reina when an opportunity to knot 300 Christmas ornaments arose. She then found out about the entrepreneurship project and decided to create her own business.

This project is helping women that can make crafts use this knowledge and ability for helping their families have better lives.

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