World Sand Day In Peru Will Be In January 2019


Any country that wants to participate can do so by registering their events online.

On April 8 it was announced the celebration of World Sand Day, which will take place in Peru on January 19, 2019. The goal is to promote outdoor activities and the protection of the sand on the planet, as you can read in the World Sand Day website.

“The initiative is thanks to the Swiss organization, International Sandboarding and Sand Skiing Association – INTERSANDS”, the organization informed through a newsletter. They also explain that any country that wants to join the initiative can do so by registering their events on www.worldsandday.com.

World Sand Day in Peru will take place in Huacachina from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm and some of the activities that will occur are: sandboarding, sand skiing, hiking, building a sand castle or sand man, flying kites, and more.

Huacachina is a village in southwestern Peru, built around a small oasis surrounded by sand dunes in the Ica Province.

(Cover Photo Pixabay)

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