70% Of People In Peru Believe It’s Hard To Find A Job


Although the economy grows at better rates than last year, Peruvians are still cautious about the impact of these results, wrote this week Gestión.

According to this media, 70% of the people declared that in the coming months it will be more difficult than now to find a job. This is based on data collected by Pulso Perú.

“It is eight points more than in May when 62% perceived it”, they explained, referring to the difficulty of finding a job in the country.

Nevertheless, the perception is not aligned with the recent increase in the employment rate in private companies that have 10 or more employees in the urban areas of Peru.

“55% of respondents indicated that their economy and that of their family will be the same, while for 17% it will be worse”, you can read in the website. They add that 69% don’t feel that the economy has been reactivated in almost four months since the government of Martín Vizcarra began.

As for private investment, 49% perceive that it will remain the same as it is at this moment, and 20% believe it will be reduced.

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