Appeals Chamber Orders Release Of Keiko Fujimori


The Second Appeals Chamber of the Judicial Branch ordered on Wednesday night the release of the Fuerza Popular leader, Keiko Fujimori, after accepting the request for her defense to revoke the ten-day preliminary detention against her, handed down by Judge Richard Concepción Carhuancho, head of the First Preparatory Investigation Court.

“The Chamber also unanimously ordered the release of Jaime Yoshiyama, Augusto Bedoya, Adriana Tarazona, Marizol Vellese, Erick Matto Monge and the other detainees by order of Judge Richard Concepción Carhuancho”, said El Peruano.

Octavio Sahuanay, president of the Chamber, considered that the judicial decision, taken at the request of the prosecution of money laundering, is not duly motivated by what corresponds to declare its nullity.

As a consequence of this decision, Keiko Fujimori regains her freedom after having been detained for eight days at the headquarters of the Prefecture of Lima.

According to Keiko, her ten-day detention “was the product of an ‘ambush’ and said that having gone that day to the headquarters of the Prosecutor’s Office discards the thesis regarding the danger of her escaping justice”, wrote El Peruano.

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