Best Places To Savor Peruvian Cuisine In Miami


For those in Miami, United States, that are craving the unique Peruvian flavor, Hoodline made a selection of the top five restaurants that will make you always come back for more.

1.Cvi.che 105 is at the top of their list. Led and owned by chef Juan Chipoco, their main focus in the menu is ceviche. “With a variety of fish, shrimp and octopus choices, each mixed with lime juice, onions and cilantro”, Hoodline explained.

Among other Peruvian dishes available there is lomo saltado, and for a drink, you can try Pisco sour.

It is located downtown at 105 N.E. Third Ave.

2.Jaguar Latin-American Kitchen is next on the list, situated at 3067 Grand Ave. “It features examples of cuisines from across the hemisphere but Peruvian gets much of the attention, from lomo saltado to grilled octopus with aji chili”, the website informed.

3.The third place is occupied by Ceviche Town. You can find this restaurant at 194 S.E. First Ave. They also serve ceviche as the main plate, but you can’t miss the mashed potato terrine, the churrasco, the grilled seafood, or the fried rice, chaufa.

4.SuViche – Wynwood comes up next. Located at 2751 N. Miami Ave. it offers both Japanese and Peruvian flavors that feature fish in the form of ceviche or as sashimi and sushi rolls.

5.Finally there is Pollos Y Jarras. It is also owned by chef Juan Chipoco and focused on rotisserie chicken and pitchers of sangria, beer and fresh juices. This eatery is located downtown at 115 N.E. Third Ave.

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