Brazil Suspends Judicial Cooperation With Peru In Lava Jato Case


After receiving complaints from the group of lawyers of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, the country’s prosecution will not be cooperating any more with the Peruvian justice on this case.

The Public Ministry of Brazil sent an email on July 3 in the afternoon indicating their decision of suspending the declarations the ex-director of Structured Operations of Odebrecht, Hilberto Mascarenhas Alves Da Silva Filho was going to give today to the Brazilian justice.

“Keeping in mind the events reported in the demonstration presented by the company Nolberto Odebrecht, the testimonies of tomorrow were canceled,” said the brief email sent by the Brazilian prosecutors, according to La República.

That statement was to be held today in the city of Salvador de Bahia, before the prosecutors of money laundering, Germán Juárez, and José Domingo Pérez. Da Silva would declare in the context of the investigations on former President Ollanta Humala and former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori.

Also, the Brazilian judicial sources told La República that Jorge Barata will not be declaring anymore to the Peruvian prosecution, nor will they be receiving a copy of the encrypted files of Odebrecht’s Petty Cash known as “Drousys” and “My WayDay B”.

“This means that collaboration with Peru is cut in all cases. Within the Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was believed that this was a problem only of the Special Team, which would not affect the money laundering prosecutors”, wrote the aforementioned media.

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