Jorge Yoshiyama Confessed That He Searched For False Contributors For Fuerza 2011


At a hearing on Tuesday, Jorge Yoshiyama confessed before the prosecution that he participated in the falsification of contributions to the Keiko Fujimori campaign in 2011.

“In the summer of 2011 approximately February and March of that year, my uncle Jaime invited me to go to his house (…) and being at home he told me if I had friends with financial solvency to be able to simulate contributions from the campaign of the Partido Fuerza 2011“, said Yoshiyama, cited by La República.

In addition to the money delivered in a stock exchange, Jorge Yoshiyama received a receipt of Force 2011 contributions, as well as the account number of the Scotiabank bank. The indication was that the deposits should be less than $10,000 US dollars, and according to Jorge Yoshiyama, he thought it was to avoid paperwork.

“From March to mid-July, Jorge Yoshiyama collected approximately $800,000 US dollars in cash from his uncle Jaime’s house”, reported La República.

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