Lima Hosts The Inaugural Volleyball Challenger Cup 2018


June 20th was not an ordinary Wednesday for international volleyball. In light of the World Cup, volleyball had its own major tournament at the Coliseo Eduardo Dibós in San Borja: the Volleyball Challenger Cup 2018.

Peru vs Puerto Rico
(Photo: Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Traveling & Living in Peru)
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The inauguration of the Challenger Cup took place in Lima—a tournament that seeks six nations to compete for a place in the 2019 League of Nations. It was four days of sports, variety, international touch and, in particular, volleyball.

The first match was between Bulgaria and Australia. Bulgaria won by a remarkable advantage in front of a short, but conscious and attentive audience. Little by little, the audience grew; families, young couples, friends, delegations of schools, and clubs with children and young people came out. White and red balloons were distributed to the public, while a crew with Peruvian drums was installed in the northern area of the coliseum.

The formal ceremony began with the parade of the delegations and their respective presentations. Every team was received with a round of applause; however, the local team won the majority ovation and the joy of the whole audience.

Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Traveling & Living in Peru)

The second game was played between Peru and Colombia; the first set was won by Colombia with an insignificant difference. The second and third sets were also won by them, but with a gradually higher score.

In short, the first match was a more even-tempered one, with an Australian team consisting of good attitudes and happy girls and a more calm and balanced Bulgarian team.

Meanwhile, an impetuous Peruvian team going up against the more focused and organized Colombians marked the second match. The audience experienced everything from concentration to joy and frustration but never stopped encouraging their team from the stands. It was an experience devoid of boredom and an exciting four hours of international contact; This tournament was worth experiencing in person.

Final Results of the Challenger Cup

1st Place: Bulgaria

2nd Place: Colombia

3rd Place: Puerto Rico

4th Place: Peru



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